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What Does Renter’s Insurance Actually Cover?

If you have ever rented a place of your own, with a roommate or even paid rent to a friend, family member or significant other in their own home, you should probably obtain a renter’s insurance policy. Some clients don’t think that they need a policy if they have a few belongings, but we are here to let you know that renter’s insurance covers so much more than your personal items.  

In fact, there are three key financial protections a renter’s insurance policy covers:

Loss of Use Coverage. Should a fire, flood or damaging storm force you out of your living space, you would have to find somewhere else to live for an indeterminable amount of time. In this case, Loss of Use Coverage can help you cover a temporary living arrangement and other additional expenses.

Personal Liability Protection. Even if you’re only renting a place, you’re still potentially liable for the injuries a guest might acquire in your unit. In other words, you can be sued should someone trip or fall and hurt themselves in your rented space. Renter’s insurance can help cover legal fees and judgments against you. If the injury is the result of an animal that you own on the property, though, you may be disqualified from coverage depending on the breed. Be sure to inform us of all dogs you will have with you on the rented property.

Personal Property Coverage. And of course, renter’s insurance can help protect your finances, which includes coverage of belongings lost in the event of covered loss such as a fire, lightening or theft, etc. Be sure to add up everything you own, especially high-value items, such as jewelry. How much would it cost to replace those items? If it’s higher than you thought, you can see why renter’s insurance is so crucial.  

Finanically recovering from lost possessions is more costly than you might assume. To inquire about a renter’s insurance policy or to have a trusted agent review your current policy, call Lang Insurance at 636-229-7000 or visit us at