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Water and Sewer Damage Protection May Qualify You for Insurance Discounts

Water damage from sewer backups and burst pipes makes up a large portion of home insurance claims in Missouri every year. These claims are particularly costly to insurance companies and property owners because of the extent of damage. However, you can use loss mitigation strategies to reduce your risk of damage and qualify for insurance discounts at the same time. Here are some tips from the experts at Lang Insurance, independent agents serving Missouri with personalized service and a broad array of customized insurance products.

Why Water and Sewer Damage Claims Are So Costly

Property owner insurance claims for water damage are some of the most expensive in the industry. This is because the amount of damage that can occur in incidents involving water is so huge. If a property owner is not at home when a pipe bursts, the entire residence may become damaged.

Water damage can result in:

  • Ruined floors and carpeting that must be replaced
  • Walls that need rebuilding and painting
  • Extensive plumbing repairs
  • Loss of personal property, including appliances, electronics, clothing, and furnishings
  • Mold remediation services

In the case of sewer backups, which can be just as catastrophic in terms of damage, your regular home insurance policy doesn’t likely cover them. Also not covered are incidents where water seeps from the ground up or events caused by a failed sump pump.

In these instances, the homeowner has to cover their losses, which may include home rebuilding, the replacement of property, and redoing landscaping where sewer pipes need to be dug up.

Loss Mitigation Strategies You Can Use Today

We recommend several loss mitigation strategies to save you heartache and money.

Water backup coverage

To provide coverage where your homeowner policy does not, we suggest water backup insurance, also known as sewer or sump pump backup coverage. For a very low price, you get the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected in the event of backup incidents.

With the number of storms we have in our state, as well as aging sewer systems, this is a smart move. Did you know that the average sewer line in the US is at least 30 years old?

Leak detection devices

To avoid the devastating damage that accompanies a burst pipe, we suggest installing leak detection devices. There are a number of different systems on the market today, and we’re happy to talk more about them with you.

These devices alert you when water starts leaking from a pipe. They monitor the flow of water and pressure in your main, so they detect problems for the entire home. Many will even automatically shut off water to the home if a leak is suspected. This minimizes damage and prevents the problem from becoming more extensive and costly.

Installing leak detection in your home will likely qualify you for a discount on your home insurance. Other benefits include:

  • Saving water (over 900 billion gallons are wasted annually due to leaks, according to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA)
  • Protecting appliances that could be ruined by water leaks
  • Providing data on regular water usage that could save you money

If you are interested in mitigating water and sewer damage losses for your home, call us at 636-229-7000 today. Our agents can help you pick the best additional coverage and leak detection device for your home. You’ll save money and, better yet, get rid of the worry that comes with the potential for expensive property damage.