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Condo Insurance

from Lang Insurance

Condo Insurance

Buying a condo is a great way to break into the real estate market without the full responsibility of owning a home and the surrounding land. With a condo, you'll own the home itself, but the grounds will typically be maintained by the community itself. 

While the community may have some insurance in place to protect its residents, you'll need to have additional coverage for your own condo. This is especially true if you have a mortgage on the property, as most lenders will require you to have adequate insurance coverage for the life of your loan. Even if you own the condo outright, it is still a good idea to protect yourself with condo insurance coverage. 

Because condo communities vary so widely in what they will and will not cover, your coverage requirements will vary widely as well. Be sure to check with your HOA to determine the limits of their coverage so that you know which areas you'll need to supplement. Condo insurance is typically broken down into the following components: 

  • Liability - Although your neighborhood likely includes coverage for any injuries guests sustain while outside, you may need to have your own policy to protect against injuries that happen while inside your unit. 
  • Personal Property - This coverage will pay for the furniture and other personal items you have in your condo. There are limits though, particularly on high-value items like jewelry, art, and antiques. These items can be covered under valuable articles coverage or umbrella coverage. 
  • Building Items - If you have made significant upgrades to your condo, like installing hardwood floors or luxurious bathroom fixtures, this coverage will include the added value of those items, not just the basic structure of the condo itself. 

Because there is so much variation between condo communities, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact coverage you will need without reviewing your community's specific policies. We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more about our condo insurance options and determine which coverage is best for your needs. Call now or request a quote online to get started.