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New Melle Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

Protect Your Greatest Asset

If your home is your greatest asset, you want to protect it from damage. What would you do if your home needed serious repairs or was even uninhabitable due to fire or a natural disaster? How would you afford to replace your personal belongings? Would you have the financial resources to pay a legal judgment against you for an accident on your property?

Fortunately, homeowner insurance was created for these exact scenarios. At Lang Insurance, we have hundreds of homeowner insurance products available for New Melle, Missouri residents. As independent agents, we’ll collaborate with you to find a homeowner policy that gives you peace of mind and meets your budget needs.

Property Damage

If your home is damaged by vandalism, fire, hail, or certain types of natural disasters, homeowner insurance can cover the expense of repair or rebuilding it. You may even be required by your mortgage lender to have enough coverage to replace your home. Ask about a policy that can also cover the cost of living elsewhere while your home is repaired or reconstructed.

Personal Property

A homeowner policy not only protects your structure but protects your personal property as well. This includes furniture, electronics, clothing, and all your belongings. Not sure how much personal property coverage you need? Simply take an inventory of your home’s contents with your mobile phone, and we’ll help you arrive at the right figure. Be sure to let us know about valuables like artwork, jewelry, collectibles, and antiques as they may need a special additional policy.


One of the greatest advantages of a homeowner policy is that it also covers you if someone wins a legal liability judgment against you for an accident on your property, so you don’t lose your personal savings and assets to pay for damages. It doesn’t matter whether or not the accident could have been prevented. For even more liability coverage, you can add a personal umbrella policy, which would cover greater liability, such as a dog bite.

Reach Out for Homeowner Insurance

Don’t go another day without giving your home the coverage it needs. Message us online for a quote or call us at 636-229-7000 for more information. We love educating our New Melle neighbors about insurance, and we’ll answer all your questions thoroughly. We want you to enjoy your home, knowing it’s protected from the unexpected, and to understand how your policy works in the event you ever need to file a claim.