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Personal Watercraft Insurance

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Personal watercraft insurance is similar to boat insurance in that it covers you and your watercraft while at sea or in some other waterway, like a lake or river. However, this type of coverage typically applies to smaller crafts, like jet skis. In most states, you are not required by law to have insurance coverage for small personal watercraft, but that doesn't mean that you should ignore this type of coverage. 

Accidents can happen at any time while out on the water, and you want to ensure you are adequately protected. Here's what you need to know about personal watercraft insurance. 

Basic Personal Watercraft Insurance Coverage 

As with many other types of insurance coverage, you'll typically want to include both bodily injury and personal property liability coverage. Bodily injury liability coverage applies to any injuries you cause to another person while riding your personal watercraft, while personal property liability insurance covers the damage to their boat, other watercraft, dock, or other property. You'll need a collision coverage add-on to pay for any damages to your own personal watercraft. 

Additional Personal Watercraft Insurance Coverage Options 

You can enhance your coverage with a variety of additional options, just as you can with boat insurance. This way, you can protect your personal items and any accessories that go along with your personal watercraft. You can also include protection in the event that another boater involved in the accident doesn't have their own insurance coverage or if their coverage is inadequate to pay for the damages or injuries. Coverage options vary between insurance companies, and your agent will review all of the details with you to help you decide which coverage makes the most sense for your needs. 

Learn More about Personal Watercraft Insurance 

To find out whether personal watercraft insurance is right for you, get in touch with the specialists here at Lang Insurance. We'll be happy to go over your options with you to help you make an informed decision about the personal watercraft coverage you need. Get in touch with us today or request a free quote online to get started.