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Weldon Spring Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

The home you own is probably a huge investment for you and probably your greatest financial asset. Have you thought about what would happen if your home were seriously damaged by a storm or fire? What if someone had an accident on your property and sued you? Would you have the resources to do repairs, rebuilding, or pay legal damages?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with the proper homeowner insurance. This essential protection means you don’t have to dig into your own pockets if the worst happens.

At Lang Insurance, we’re independent agents who are proud of the variety of insurance products we have available to homeowners in the Weldon Spring, Missouri area. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your insurance needs. We’re also proud of the way we take the time to educate every customer about insurance for their unique situation.

Property Damage

First and foremost, homeowner insurance covers the expense of repairing or even rebuilding your home after damage or catastrophic loss. This includes hail, storms, fire, and natural disasters. You may have already learned that your mortgage lender requires this type of insurance. What you might not know is that many homeowner policies will also pay for you to live elsewhere for a time in the event your home becomes uninhabitable.

Personal Property

If you’re concerned about your personal property inside your home, know that those items are also protected by your homeowner insurance, including furniture, clothing, electronics, sporting gear, and other belongings. To determine how much coverage you need for personal property, we’ll work with you based on an inventory of your home’s interior, easily filmed or photographed with your cell phone. We’ll also ask about items that might need extra coverage, like artwork, jewelry, collectibles, and antiques.


A homeowner policy can also offer you liability protection. This means that if someone were to become injured on your premises and win a legal judgment against you for damages, you won’t have to lose your home or your other personal assets to afford payment. We also recommend looking at extra coverage through a personal umbrella policy, especially if you are a dog owner.

Get in Touch Today for Homeowner Insurance

Protect your investment with the proper homeowner insurance policy. We’re here to answer your questions and build the perfect policy for you. Call us at 636-229-7000 or get in touch online for a quote. You never know what the future might bring, but one of the best ways to achieve peace of mind is knowing your biggest asset is covered against the unexpected.