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Wentzville Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

Although not required in the state of Missouri, homeowners insurance is still important for residents of Wentzville and the surrounding areas. Having a robust homeowners insurance policy in place can give you comfort that your home is protected. Not only that, but most mortgage lenders will require you to have at least some homeowners insurance coverage as a condition of your loan.

Here's everything you need to know about homeowners insurance in Wentzville.

Critical Homeowners Insurance Coverage 

These are the key components you'll likely want to include in your homeowners insurance policy: 

  • Liability - Your mortgage lender may require you to have Liability coverage, which protects you if someone gets hurt on your Wentzville property or inside your home. This includes guests, workers, door-to-door salespeople and more. In some cases, an injured person may choose to sue you, and your Liability coverage will likely apply in this area as well. 
  • Property Damage - This component of your coverage insures the physical structure of your Wentzville home. Most mortgage lenders will require enough coverage to fully replace your home in the event of an emergency, though you can raise the limit of your coverage if you wish. You can also add optional Loss of Use coverage to pay for your housing while your home is being repaired. In general, damage from natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes, are not included in standard homeowners insurance policies, so you'll need separate coverage for these. 
  • Personal Property - This coverage applies to the contents of your home, including furniture, electronics, appliances, decor and other personal belongings. Your coverage limit should be high enough to replace your belongings in the event that you lose everything (like in a fire or other disaster). High-value items, like jewelry, art and antiques, typically require separate coverage as they typically do not fall under Personal Property coverage. 

Learn More about Homeowners Insurance in Wentzville 

If you don't currently have homeowners insurance coverage for your Wentzville home or are looking to make some changes to your policy, the experts here at  Lang Insurance can help. We'll work with you to create a customized policy to meet your needs and budget. Get in touch with our team today at 636-229-7000 to learn more about our services.